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While we're working on your brand image, marketing strategy, and getting you in front of the right eyes, you'll be able to focus on your life and doing what you do best.

We'll be working on your behalf continually.




Through perseverance, dedicated data analysis, and continued effort, we will make the opportunities happen. Chances are, you need new opportunities and avenues to reach new customers and to keep your current ones coming back.

"obstacles are merely opportunities to reinvigorate your passion."


We want to offer you the unique opportunity to not let your dreams fade into oblivion. 

This partnership would entail us managing your brand image. Of course, it's ultimately your image and your say, but let us do the heavy lifting and the maintenance for you--this is what we do. With our partnership, you can rest assured that professionals are working on your behalf to further your brand, your career, your life.

Your success is our success! 

WHAT WE would DO


i. Manage your email marketing and communication with your audience. This includes professional design and layout, creating and sending the emails, detailed reports on effectiveness.

ii. Continually work to grow your email subscriber base. This means you will have a dedicated fan base that is hungry for more from you. Keeping fans in the loop for upcoming shows, album releases, and more is essential.


i. Create opportunities for you to make more sales. Whether it's album sales, merchandise, or concert tickets, sales are the life blood to your music career.

ii. You'll get a dedicated team doing all the work to connect the leads, troubleshoot any issues, answer questions, make adjustments to get results, track results, and continue to work on your behalf to drive sales. 

online presence

i. Have professional designs and layouts to fit your brand image with frequent updates (depends on your budget).

ii. High quality posts to get and MAINTAIN attention on your brand.

iii. Digital ads that are created and managed by experts. Your ads will have personal detail and attention to ensure that maximum engagement with your brand is being obtained (through social media interaction, website visits, and sales).


We are not a ‘set it and forget it’ company. The benefit of having a partnership with us is that you now have a team working on YOUR behalf. Our success is truly based on your success. So this means we are constantly watching and analyzing the data and making adjustments that an automated system just cannot do.

Non-digital brand promotion

i. We will create a press kit for you and will work with other media outlets to get you coverage (local, national, and global). 

ii. We work on your behalf to get you appearances, events to attend, interviews, and really whatever you’d like depending on your goals.

additional services

i. We will work with other brands to gain collaborations and even paid sponsorships. 

We do all of this and whatever else is necessary to build and expand your influence. 

We are not just an automated 'service.' real people will be intricately involved in your brand.  

pricing explained


Your budget. We really mean this; however, your budget just sets the amount of what we can do within a month, the amount of personalized attention, and how each process is expedited. We will always put what is best for your brand at the top of our priority list, but your budget will indicate the timeline for how many of those priority items we’re able to accomplish in a given month.

Step 1. You would set up a monthly recurring payment with us. 

Step 2. You sit back, relax, and focus on what you love. 

Step 3. We take care of your brand image and inform you of all the exciting results!


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Hooked it up with some merch at the end of production always a great Souvenir!
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