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Final Touch Media was started with the dream of helping businesses of all sizes to flourish. We have been blessed with opportunities to obtain clients from all over the world that include Fortune 500 companies, startups, artists, musicians, and small, established businesses. Our success across many industries has proven to solidify our expertise in consumer thinking, acting, and buying.

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we create content that causes growth

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we deliver growth in the metrics that our customers desire

Take Gotaflika for example. He had about 15 streams total for his music when we started working with him. Now he is on the rise and the talk of the town after a few short months.

our content causes growth in real interactions because it's relevant and high quality

Look at the results of a Facebook post for a client in the Health industry:

Nearly everyone who saw the post engaged with it!

This is truly an insane amount of people actually engaging with a post for a brand with only regional exposure (Health and Fitness).

Using Facebook to drive traffic to our B2C client's landing page:

Another example of one of our videos driving traffic to a landing page:

When is the last time you've seen a video for a business reach nearly 100,000 people for less than a penny each?

This is the result of creating relevant content and targeting the right people.

Or how about gaining 9 convertible leads for $35?

(The average cost per lead in the dental industry is $61.63*)

Driving traffic to a sales page for another brand. Can you believe it could cost only $10 to get 567 people to check out your business in-depth?

Our Social Media Management includes:

  • creative content creation (videos, photos, graphics)

  • writing copy

  • Event/contest creation and management

  •  targeting audience (through hashtags, keywords, effective copy, and great content)

  • and working to gain partnerships with brands and influencers.


digital advertising

Digital ads were part of the strategy for scaling a local coffee shop. Patrons were driven to their website and later to the brick-and-mortar store. Below are the stats for 1 month of website traffic. (Digital ads served from Facebook and Instagram)

Intelligently advertising to the right people make your brand more likable and a community can be created around your brand of people that are excited to see what's next from you.

For one brand, we created an email campaign offering a promotion that led 77 people to the business website to make purchases.

Targeting people that are actually looking for your product or service is really powerful!

YouTube display ads can be configured to reach a variety of outcomes.

This desired outcome was brand awareness and the success rate was very high and very efficient. This means our client's dollars went really far!

This short campaign for a service-based business drove nearly 2,ooo people to the business website at only 10 cents per click!

Our Digital Advertising includes:

  • Content Creation (videos, photos, graphics)

  • Writing Copy

  • Leveraging our research and analysis in keywords, trending topics, and consumer reaction to produce desired outcome (engagement, sales, and leads). We also leverage our research to make necessary adjustments, optimize the campaign, and produce exponential results. 

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There are no strings attached. We want to show you what we would do for you with a bonafide plan of how we would get there. 

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