Why your business needs a website in 2018

why you need a website in 2018

October 9, 2018

By Kyle Minton

You're fully suited up, your game face is on, and you feel like you are going to conquer the world. No, I am not talking to an athlete. I am talking to the business leader who is doing things to make their dreams come true. I am talking to the one who is driven by the rush of what they provide to the world and will stop at nothing until the whole world sees their company. 

You may feel fully ready to take on the world. Is everything else as ready as your attitude, though? 

Perhaps you may have felt compelled to jump on all the latest trends because you heard a business guru talk about getting on social media. So you have had your Facebook and you started your Instagram account, and you're even trying to figure out how this SnapChat thing works. If you're like some other business leaders, you're asking, 'It's 2018, should I even bother with a website?' 

The short answer is yes. 

You couldn't be more wrong to forego a website for your business--or whatever you do albeit if you're in the creative arts, a baker, or running a Fortune 500 company. 

You see, websites pack a punch that social media just wasn't designed for. Social media was created so that you would stumble across some content that would lead you to other similar content which would then lead you down the rabbit-hole-vortex of watching funny animal videos for the next 6 hours. 

A website has the unique experience of a curated environment for your audience. It could be to a 'members only' audience, or it could simply be putting your business on display in all its splendor for the world to see. Experience is the keyword. You want people (potential customers) to experience your brand without distractions of other content.


If you want people to really get a feel for your business right now in 2018 and leading into 2019, a website is the way to ensure that your brand image is communicated clearly. There are so many more reasons why you should have a website along with some simple steps to creating your website--even if you have no web design experience--in the video above. 

Happy creating!

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