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Having social media, a website, and good identity marks (logo) are necessary for your business to be credible and well received--after having a great product or service and great customer service, of course. 

Social media, simply put, is just where people are digitally today. Now, they're not on social media to 'buy your stuff' necessarily. But if your content and messaging is relevant to them (this is where researched targeting comes in), then you will likely get their attention. Getting attention is one thing; maintaining attention is something else entirely. Social media should be a part of your outbound marketing strategy. Outbound marketing is simply done outside of your brand's domain on other platforms. Outbound marketing serves to put you in front of the customers you're trying to attract.

Now just because 'everyone' is on social media and you can have a business profile on most, you might be wondering if you need a website. Yes, yes, yes! For one, if and when the social media platform crashes (and they do all the time), you need to have another way to connect with your potential customers digitally. In fact, some day those fancy social media sites might just vanish with all of those followers you built up--poof (read more on that here)! No matter how unlikely that scenario is, you'll for sure want a dedicated space for your potential customer's attention without distractions from other businesses--or cat videos. You can actually take your audience on a journey of experiencing your brand. By the end, they will have hopefully learned something and will be ready to purchase. Best of all, they don't have to exit your site to even make a purchase. On top of all of that, your website is a key tool for getting found on Google (SEO). Bringing potential customers, your target audience, to your domain is also known as inbound marketing. 

Social media accounts done properly and an amazing website don't amount to a hill of beans if your brand identity is poo poo. Your brand identity is how people identify you (i.e. your logo). But there's so much more to your brand identity than just a logo. There are colors to think about. There's font. Does the logo symbol always accompany your word mark? Do you even have a word mark? And don't even get us started on taglines. But all of this doesn't have to be scary. We want to navigate this with you! We can take the ideas that are in your head; we can even put ideas in your head (no, not sorcery). We can take that thing or idea and articulate it through art and words to really make your business relevant and attractive. 

Using all three of these branding essentials well is incredibly powerful. Whether you need a website from scratch or a re-work of an existing one, new social media looks, or a new logo, we can do it all. Fill out the form below and ask us about our 'branding essentials package.' We give discounts when you do all 3 at the same time! 

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