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I’m Kyle Minton, your ultimate ally when it comes to your church proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to reach all generations in today's exciting world of technology. It's where the local church can connect online to bring about life change in-person all with the effort that Christ powerfully works in you (Colossians 1:28-29). I would love the opportunity to speak with you about helping your church or ministry get the Gospel in front of more people. After all, that’s the point of every small group, every sermon, every church event, right? Let’s proclaim and exult in the Gospel together!

I’ve worked in marketing in the corporate world at some of the highest levels for some of the biggest companies. I also have a Master’s of Theology that’s served me to work bi-vocationally in ministry alongside much of my time working in the business world. I believe my unique experience and training will enable me to serve you and your church well, all for the glory of God alone. Soli Deo Gloria.

My journey



Social Media

  • Get discovered by new potential churchgoers


  • Keep your church’s current community vibrantly connected


Church Email Marketing

  • By far one of the greatest, yet most underutilized tools for churches. Whatever platform you want to use to send emails, knowledge always transcends the tools used.


  • ​​When used properly, churches can utilize email to connect and inform longtime attendees of church news and events while increasing involvement from those on the fringes.


Website Development

  • Give your members and potential visitors information about your church in an easy-to-navigate format.

  • Showcase your church’s ministries and beliefs in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way.

  • Ensure all churchgoers have secure access to give in a way that suits their lifestyle.



(Search Engine Optimization)

  • Get found by people looking for churches just like yours

  • This method develops organic traffic to your website, and eventually your church. SEO needs to have the most current data and trends behind the scenes implemented for consistent, increased results.


Media & Graphic Design

  • Church events, mission trips, signage around the church, social media posts, slides for the worship service, and so many more occasions call for media and graphic design. Sure, you could work with someone in Pakistan on Fiverr, but aside from the time difference and language barrier, is that really what God is calling you to manage? If it’s not, then it’s time to get some help from a team of professionals that are passionate about this one thing: the Gospel. 


Video Production

  • An essential component to communicate a message or to support a message in a visually compelling way.

  • Whether it’s special, promotional videos to gain more participation, or ongoing video creation to drive more attention to your ministry, quality video production is something that should accompany the greatest message ever—the Gospel. And no, quality video production doesn’t have to break the budget.


Digital Advertising

  • Get discovered by people actively looking for a church home

  • Differentiate your church’s core values, worship style, ministries, and more.

Whether in the church or out of the church, we have one goal: to get the Gospel in front of more people.

2 Reasons

to use a marketing agency or consultant

1. It's cheaper

  • You can save the church a lot of money because you’re not paying a full salary to someone, no taxes, no 401K, and your fees are likely tax deductible*

2. Better results

  • Get professional advice and services from those who do this every day across all industries and have successfully worked in the marketplace and in ministry. Additionally, we can bring fresh perspective from outside your “bubble.”

3 Ways To

Work Together


Work with Kyle to receive an analysis, insight on current best practices, and a game plan for implementation.




Have our team, Final Touch Media, collaborate with you on projects either one or a few at a time or in an ongoing manner.




Hybrid of teaching, training, and consultation for certain areas of your ministry marketing AND...



 you also want some other projects done for you. 


Get a free consultation for your church

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